How does the program work?

Your Program
All workouts can be found in the Workouts tab. There you will find your Full Body Workouts and Optional Workouts. New workouts are added to the site every 4-weeks. 

New Starter Workouts
If you are starting in the middle of a cycle, you are still welcome. Move onto the next one once you have finished your first cycle.

Optional Arms/Abs or Glutes/Abs Workout
MSB provides additional Arms/Abs or Glutes/Abs Workouts for members who prefer to train more than three days per week. If desired, please choose 1-2 workouts from the Optional Glute Workout selection to complete your workout week. Not required to seek results.

Exercise Library
Look up any exercise in the Exercise Library for further guidance on the workouts.

What equipment do I need?

Option 1: Full Gym Access (what your typical gym would offer. If using a gym and they don’t have a specific piece of equipment, then use option 2)

Option 2: Limited Equipment (Dumbbells and Minibands)

Do I need to do any other type of workouts in addition to this program?

You do not. I believe working on 3x/week with full body workouts is adequate for a fitness routine. If you do add on anything else, I would recommend cardio, but not more weight lifting as resting your muscles is crucial for proper recovery.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. The minimum commitment is one month.

How can I access the site after signing up?

After completing your checkout you will receive an account activation email. Just follow the instructions provided in that email to gain immediate access to the workouts and membership benefits.”